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Registered in England and Wales NO.11700798

Your Stories

Part of what we wish to do is help end the stigma that surrounds mental health. To do this, we need your help, we are asking for your stories about suffering from mental health, or what it is like knowing someone who does. If you wish to send us your story, please do contact us.

Brand Awareness

Every company needs to have sufficient brand awareness and we are no different. In order for us to be able to support those in the UK who are going through a difficult time with their mental health, we need your help. If you are someone who is driven and thrives from helping others, please contact us for more information

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Over the next 12 months we will be filming a mini-series surrounding mental health and the impact it has on students across their studied. If you would like to participate and feature either as someone who is going through mental health, or knows someone that is, please fill out our contact page and one of the team will get back to you.

Social Media
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Our current social media volunteers are doing an amazing job and we cannot thank them enough. However, we are looking for volunteers to join the team and help us share the products and services that we are aiming to provide in order to help those who are suffering from poor mental health. We also believe that with the right amount of awareness not only can we help those suffering, we can help end the negative stigma surrounding it. If this is a role that you believe would be perfect for you, please fill out our contact page and one of the team will get back to you.