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Shannon Walsh
Social Media Team

Since graduating in 2018 I have been lucky enough to work for United Minds and it’s occupied a huge part of my heart ever since. Mental Health is a subject I am extremely passionate about and have been for many years. I think it is extremely important to help end any stigma surrounding mental health and I think that starts with sharing our own stories to help others. My own mental health and illnesses is something I have struggled with for many years especially throughout my time in education. Unfortunately, this was only accentuated just before my final year at university. This happened when I lost one of my best friends to suicide, this was without a doubt the hardest thing I've had to go through and still am going through to this day.

Alex was a student at my University and through such a dark and hard time it really showed me the huge gap there was in terms of providing mental health services not only to students but to individuals in all sectors. It made it even more apparent to me how important it is to have these seemingly difficult conversations about mental health in order to help save others as well as help save ourselves. Due to this I was ecstatic when I was offered a position at United Minds and couldn’t say yes quick enough.