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Registered in England and Wales NO.11700798

Aaron Ellis-Montoya
Founder and CEO

At the age of 16, I started to have various medical complications which to this date are still something that I live with. These conditions prevented me from doing what I wanted, however, at the time I didn’t suffer from any mental health issues, I didn’t even know that it was something people could suffer from. Until it hit me. It hit me like a brick wall and since that day I have been fighting an uphill battle, but I am pleased to now say that the ground is leveling and I am winning. I suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks, the combination of these are hard to cope with at times and it wasn’t until I accepted I needed help that I could win the fight. I meditate, do Ti Chi, talk to others and help others with the same issues.

Prior to attending university to study law I was an IT Technician, I disliked this and knew I needed a change I knew that if I wanted to be happy in life I would have to do something else. I tried to sign up for the Royal Marines but was medically discharged due to ongoing health complications. When I finally started studying, it was like a new book, not just a new chapter, it was a fresh start, so I looked for help, I went to the GP on campus. At first, it was hard, at first, it seemed impossible, but I soon realized it was possible, I could win, I could fight this, I could be ME again.

I have started this organisation in the hope that we can help others who are going through the same battle I went through and to help prevent people from taking their own lives. I know far too many people who have died so young and it is heartbreaking, I do not want people to feel alone and I want to bring a community together. If we can spot the signs early, we can stop it from becoming a habit and stop the struggle.